electric cars

Urban mobility

Electric car sharing

Starting next year, VW will have 2,000 electric cars in Berlin.

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Super batteries made in Europe?

EU Commissioner calls for a pan-European consortium for electric car battery production.

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Inductive charging on its way to series production

How wireless charging of electric cars could change mobility in cities.

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Moving into the future at high speed

Students from the University of Applied Sciences Munich design a spectacular electric race car.


Wireless charging

It is expected that wireless charging of electric cars will soon be possible using ground-based charging pads.

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A successful first half-year

The German automotive industry achieved growth in new vehicle sales and electric cars in the first half of 2017.


Who is liable when someone trips over a charging cable?

(ARTICLE IN GERMAN) Traffic-law attorney Uwe Lenhart knows all the answers to questions involving electric cars.


“The quality of life in cities will increase dramatically”

Peter Schwarzenbauer, a member of the board at BMW Group who is, among other things, responsible for Digital Business Innovation, explains new urban mobility concepts in a discussion with the editor-in-chief of the Die Welt newspaper, Ulf Poschardt. He sees no alternative to electric vehicles in the long run. Peter Schwarzenbauer brought an excellent example

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