Autonomous driving


We have to talk

A glance, a nod, a hand signal: much of what makes up communication and interactions between people on the road is impossible when the other vehicle is a self-driving car. From LEDs to light projections or emojis – different approaches in the industry all have the same goal: getting cars to talk. Sometimes you don’t

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The secrets of Level 5

A descriptive video shows exactly what comprises the five levels of autonomous driving and what the role of the driver is.


Automated driving law

(ARTICLE IN GERMAN) The Federal Council of Germany decided that highly or fully automated systems are permitted to take control of vehicles. A human driver must still be in the vehicle.


Networked cars as superheroes

(ARTICLE IN GERMAN) According to a new Bosch study, the networked car will be saving lives and preventing accidents by 2025. Autonomous cars, using their networked assistance systems, could save around 11,000 lives, 300 of which would be in Germany alone.


Maps for self-driving cars

(ARTICLE IN GERMAN) Bosch is working intensively on autonomous cars and on high-precision maps.  It is now also pursuing these goals in China by working together with the Baidu web services company, among other things.

Urban mobility

When will highly automated driving become a reality?

(ARTICLE IN GERMAN) Harald Krüger, CEO of BMW AG, expects that autonomous driving will be an integral part of road transportation by the middle of the next decade.