automated driving


Mobility study 2018

Read all you need to know about automated driving and future mobility here.


Underground solution?

One startup wants to assist automated vehicle navigation using a “geographical fingerprint”.


Automated driving

A new joint test track running through France, Germany and Luxembourg is planned.


“The quality of life in cities will increase dramatically”

Peter Schwarzenbauer, a member of the board at BMW Group who is, among other things, responsible for Digital Business Innovation, explains new urban mobility concepts in a discussion with the editor-in-chief of the Die Welt newspaper, Ulf Poschardt. He sees no alternative to electric vehicles in the long run. Peter Schwarzenbauer brought an excellent example

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Automated driving law

(ARTICLE IN GERMAN) The Federal Council of Germany decided that highly or fully automated systems are permitted to take control of vehicles. A human driver must still be in the vehicle.