Special: Consumption realistically calculated

The WLTP to determine fuel consumption values came into force on September 1. This produces more realistic results than the previous NEFZ tests, making it more representative and customer-friendly.

There will still be discrepancies between the testing results and true road values, but these will be reduced.

Drive Technologies: Our driving force: moving away from oil

Cars of the future will be emission-free. This has been and remains the ambitious goal of the German automotive industry.

We stand by our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Germany up to 40 percent by 2020.

Digitalization: Dawn of the digital future

Digitalization is changing the way we live and get from A to B. We are developing the mobility of tomorrow one step after the other.

By implementing systematic networking, one-fifth of the traffic jams in Germany could be avoided.

Safety: Moving ahead safely

A future without traffic accidents? Thanks to new technologies and networked vehicles, this does not have to remain just a vision.

The number of fatalities in Germany has already fallen by two-thirds since 1993.

Urban mobility: The city as a laboratory for the future

The world is becoming more and more urban. Innovative mobility concepts will ensure that cities remain nice places to live in the future.

In 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to be living in cities.

Dialogue: A discussion of the initiative

In our series of dialogues, leading figures from industry, the media, and relevant scientific fields discuss the challenges of the mobile future.

“The automobile industry will change more in the next ten years than ever before.”

Initiative: The Future – Made in Germany

How will people get from A to B in the future? The initiative “Mobility of Tomorrow” shows what is possible today and what is coming soon.

We are experiencing the sustainable reinvention of individual mobility through engineering.


We have to talk

A glance, a nod, a hand signal: much of what makes up communication and interactions between people on the road is impossible when the other vehicle is a self-driving car. From LEDs to light projections or emojis – different approaches in the industry all have the same goal: getting cars to talk. Sometimes you don’t

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Presumption disproved

Electric cars run easily even in the bitter cold.

Urban mobility

Shared mobility

Mobility in cities will undergo fundamental changes. Shared mobility will play an important role in this.

Urban mobility

The charging network is growing

The number of public charging points for electric cars is steadily increasing.

Drive Technologies

Green electricity from “Elli”

VW creates subsidiary to compete in the electricity market.

Drive Technologies

Partners in sustainability

Audi demonstrates the potential of electric mobility in Davos.

Drive Technologies

Germany at the forefront

In the next few years, $300 billion will be invested in electric mobility.

Urban mobility

Last few hurdles in Hamburg

Moia wants to get started this spring.